Meet OnePulse


Eric McQuesten
Founder/Executive Director

Born and raised in Columbus, OH, Eric relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California in February of 2013. For much of his life bicycling has been a way for him to explore the world around him. In 2011, his passion for cycling and helping others led him to join a cross-country bike ride that raised money to build homes for people living in poverty. After two years of riding and raising money for the Fuller Center for Housing, Eric was inspired to start OnePulse as a way to unite the work of charities through the power of biking. By building a global community of thinkers and action takers, Eric seeks to make the world a better place. 


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Tom Lamb

Tom comes to serve as Executive Director at Ohio Cancer Research Associates first as a volunteer for the organization in 1983 before joining them in 1995 as Communications Director.

 Prior to joining the nonprofit organization, he worked The Columbus Guardian and Columbus Alive newspapers in management and sales. While at The Ohio Company a brokerage and management investment firm he assisted in developing, training and implementation of new brokerage information system ( BIS ) developed by Unysis. He also worked at the American Heart Association as a Field Representative in seven counties in Central Ohio. He is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Hyeran Lee

Hyeran is the  Policy & Outreach Coordinator at LACBC. Prior to joining the LACBC staff, she had been an LACBC Policy & Planning intern and also served as the Advocacy Chair for the Bike Coalition at UCLA, a local chapter of LACBC. 

Hyeran earned a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA in 2014, with a specialization in active transportation planning and policy. Influenced by her parents, she has traveled and worked in many countries including India, China, Netherlands, France, and Germany. In the Summer of 2013, she worked at Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology at the University in Ahmedabad, India, where she proposed multi-modal paths along currently abandoned creeks in the city of Surat. 

Hyeran was born in Gwangju, South Korea, and has previously lived in Osaka, Japan, where her love affair with two wheels began. She acquired Bachelors in Environmental Engineering in Osaka University, Japan. She has never driven a car and has no plan to do so. 


Bill Brandt

Bill has been interested in both helping people and the joy of
bicycling since he was a tiny boy.  Fascinated by all things
two-wheeled, Bill has spent much of his life’s free time engaged with the mechanics, mechanical adv]ancements and trends in all things bicycle and motorcycle.

He achieved a lifetime dream in becoming a firefighter and paramedic, and recently retired from the fire service after a 20-year career.During his time in the fire service, he was involved in many volunteer outreach projects such as Toys for Tots, children’s Hospital Charities, and public school educational outreach.  Bill was awarded Firefighter of the Year for his efforts delivering Public Health Education for retirement communities, in his fire response district.  In his downtime at the fire station, he would rebuild discarded bicycles and give to outreach programs for kids in need.

Bill continues to work in the field of paramedicine, and has written testing materials for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.  He also works in advertising, marketing, and product development for outdoor equipment and outdoor apparel.