Why Coastal Expeditions?

Because Everything Begins at the Ocean.

OnePulse believes that the best way to truly understand a cause is through firsthand experience.

Go. See. Learn.

The science behind the current theories on climate change is constantly updating and as our knowledge of the subject grows one thing is becoming increasingly clear: changes are happening in our world and we cannot ignore them.

The coastline is where these changes are being felt the most so that is where OnePulse will go. Miami. New Orleans. Oregon. Houston. Los Angeles. Our three climate expeditions will give our riders an opportunity to learn firsthand about what is happening right now and to meet some of the people and groups who are working to solve and mitigate the problems associated with rising temperatures and rising sea levels.

As a OnePulse rider you will embark on an expedition that will allow you to raise funds to fight the effects of global warming and learn about one of the biggest problems facing our world firsthand.