Our Vision

A lot of us want to do something bigger than ourselves, but don't know where to start. OnePulse was created to give people a platform to not only help others but also transform themselves. Cycling across an entire country allows one to dig deeply and realize a purpose much bigger than themselves. While riding you'll not only learn to live a  life of simplicity but what you can do to help others obtain their basic human needs. We ride to inform and take action for many needs around the world.

At OnePulse, we believe that the world mimics the human body in such a way that when we look within ourselves, we can begin to understand how our world works. Consider things like people, animals, and rivers, or even our roadways, each of which mimics the cells and veins in our body, respectively; just as 'healthy' cells work to efficiently repair and restore overall vitality to damaged pathways, OnePulse works to catalyze projects that 'give back' to communities in need by linking together the work of multiple charities, through the power of biking. By establishing a synergy of organizations, we can better provide and distribute the essential resources that allow individuals and communities to thrive. 

Our team also believes in the power and importance of 'The Individual'; each one of us plays a vital role in making our planet a sustainable place to live. What better way to serve individuals and communities in need than to do so while leaving a low carbon footprint? That’s why OnePulse uses the power of biking to combine our efforts to address the needs of the environment and global community. After all, everything beats under "One Pulse".