Huayang Zhang
Age: 21

Fundraising Goal: $2,100
Amount Raised: $650

I always consider myself lucky to be who I am today. It's a privilege to have the power to fight for my own dreams. By being these lucky few, I can't help but wish more people can witness this beauty with me.

There are so many souls never has the chance to achieve their dreams. There are so many lives never escapes their predestined fate. However, when there is a problem, there is hope. Through charitable organizations like The National Mill Dog Rescue, more than 10,000 nearly dying dogs have found their loving new owners.  Through Fuller Center for Housing, poverty housing worldwide is dwindled. Through the Young and the Brave Foundation young adults once again find the courage to fight cancer. And through riding across country with OnePulse to raise money for these organizations, I, too, gained the confidence to dream big.

Travel is a dream of mine. But this journey is not about fulfilling my dream. It's about giving others the power to dream again. With your generous donations, homeowners, dogs, and young adults will be able to see this beautiful world once more.