OnePulse. One Mission.

Unite charities and people through the power of biking. Together we will address the needs of communities and the environment around us.




Building A Global Community

If you are looking at the image above, you see the world as we do; as one. We started OnePulse in 2013 to bridge the gaps between charities and communities by hosting bicycle expeditions around the globe. During these bike expeditions, we learn about many of the world's pressing issues and what we can do to help through our partnered charities.

Pangea physically existed long ago, but now it is time for us to create Pangea in our hearts and minds so that we may allow our mental concepts of borders to fade away, and focus on what we can do as a species to create a sustainable future for all. 

Earth is our home, and we plan to take care of it by creating global initiatives that unite people for causes that make a difference.