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Eric McQuesten

Founder and Executive Director

Born and raised in Columbus, OH, Eric relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California in February of 2013. For much of his life bicycling has been a way for him to explore the world around him. In 2011, his passion for cycling and helping others led him to join a cross-country bike ride that raised money to build homes for people living in poverty. After two years of riding and raising money for the Fuller Center for Housing, Eric was inspired to start OnePulse as a way to unite the work of charities through the power of biking. By building a global community of thinkers and action takers, Eric seeks to make the world a better place. 


Joe Jambor

Director of Operations

Joe started his involvement with OnePulse doing freelance copywriting for the Malawi campaign and soon found himself drawn into the work of combining charity with adventurous expeditions. Prior to joining OnePulse his only experience with long distance cycling involved a bet, a purple 10 speed bicycle that belonged to a friend's little sister and a 200 mile ride from South Dakota to Colorado.



Director of Visual Media

A native of Washington state, Zak is a film editor, writer and visual artist who believes in the power of art to inspire people to make positive changes in the world around them. In his role of OnePulse's Director of Visual Media he is responsible for using video and photography to share our expeditions with the rest of the world.