JUNE 8 - JUNE 24, 2019


The California Climate Expedition was created to show what is happening to our environment firsthand and to fund much-needed research that will educate policymakers, corporations, and the general public about the ever-changing climate. The ride begins in Oakland, CA and ends in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout the journey, riders can expect to learn about the environment and the impacts of climate change by expert climate scientists from UCLA. This will be one beautiful and unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss.

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+ What is it? . . .

The California Climate Expedition is a 17-day, 550-mile bicycle journey along the California coast. Led by Alex Hall, UCLA professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and director of the university’s Center for Climate Science, the ride will wind through scenic landscapes en route to the places that exemplify how climate change is affecting California — and how Californians are innovating to solve problems.

+ What will I see and learn? . . .

You’ll ride through diverse California landscapes: the majestic coastline, grape-growing valleys, oak-dotted hills, and vibrant urban neighborhoods. At certain locations, you’ll stop for a deep-dive learning experience. For example:

  • East Bay Area: Investigate how sea level rise and other climate change impacts affect urban communities, and learn about climate change solutions from the tech community.
  • San Francisco Bay Delta: Sort out the entangled issues of water supply management, sea level rise, and species conservation at one of California’s most altered natural places, and see how wetlands are one of our most potent weapons in the battle to sequester carbon and fight climate change.
  • Monterey Bay area: Explore how climate change affects oceans and marine life, and learn how the oceans take up our carbon and reduce the effects of climate change.
  • Santa Barbara area: Understand how climate change increases the risk of wildfires and extreme rain and mudslide events like those that recently ravaged this area, and see how local communities are using nature to cope with sea level rise.
  • Los Angeles area: Learn how climate change impacts on water resources throughout the state affect urban areas and about California’s unique leadership role in addressing climate change through public policy.

+ Why would I want to do this? . . .

There are many reasons to ride. Maybe you love California as much as we do and want to understand climate change impacts in the state and what you can do about them. Perhaps you enjoy cycling, and want to complete a physical challenge for a good cause. You won’t only be learning on this expedition — you’ll also be raising funds to contribute to climate change solutions. Funds raised by each rider before and during the ride will help the UCLA Center for Climate Science conduct research on future climate impacts and how California can adapt.

+ What are the fund-raising requirements? . . .

Each rider joining for the entire ride commits to raising $4,000 before the start of the ride. A registration fee of $100 is also required to cover planning and logistical costs of the ride. For current UCLA students, the Center for Climate Science will cover your registration fee.)

+ What is taken care of for me? . . .

You need to have a bike and to get yourself to the start of the ride. During the expedition, OnePulse takes care of the logistics. The ride route is planned in advance, and lodging or camping accommodations are provided. A support vehicle will supply water and other necessities en route. Climate-friendly, plant-based meals will be served, featuring fresh produce provided by local farms along the route.

+ Can I really do this? . . .

If you’re healthy and comfortable riding a bike for a few hours a day for several days in a row, you can absolutely do this ride!

+ Can I join for a portion of the ride? . . .

Absolutely! You can select the segment(s) of the trip that you'd like to join during the registration process. Please note: The registration and fundraising amount stay the same whether you ride the whole way or a segment.



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