When it comes to our climate future, the science is telling us more than ever.

For California, we have a wealth of information about how climate change is affecting us in our backyards — information we can use to plan for the future. And the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science keeps pushing the boundaries, doing ground-breaking research that answers more pressing questions about how to manage our water, forests, and energy systems, improve the health of our communities, and protect the natural places we love. Read More

Everyone in California needs to know what we’re finding. But the message isn’t getting out as widely as it needs to.

The California Climate Expedition is designed to change that. We are recruiting forty climate explorers to tour the coast by bicycle, learning first-hand about climate change impacts and solutions from experts at the Center and other renowned institutions.

But even more importantly, each rider will support the Center’s critical efforts to communicate the Center's science to decision-makers, planners, and communities across California.

The UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science is unique among climate science research centers in California in that communications and outreach is an integral part of their mission. They don’t only produce science for their scientific peers: Their stakeholders include policymakers, resource managers, and all residents of California. They produce written and visual materials about their work that nonscientists can easily understand, and that decision-makers can translate into action.

UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science doesn't keep their science in the ivory tower or behind journal paywalls: They travel the state to talk about their work to anyone who will listen. They conduct countless interviews with print, online, radio, and TV news outlets. They engage Californians at live events and on social media.

But this kind of work isn’t easy to fund via traditional research pathways, and we need your help to keep their efforts going — and expand them.

By riding in or contributing to the California Climate Expedition, you’re equipping the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science to:

  • Host innovative educational events

  • Engage information graphic designers to communicate our science in the clearest and most compelling ways

  • Travel across the state to share our findings with communities and decision-makers

  • Provide media training to young researchers

  • Dedicate more researcher and staff time to media and online engagement

By joining us, you will help change the conversation about climate change, and ensure that the latest, most cutting-edge climate science can be put into action.