Get Ready to Ride.

Here you'll find everything you need to know to prepare for The Ride, from things each rider should bring to the materials that OnePulse will provide to a few extra tips to make the journey more fun for all! 

But before you dive in to the 'prep' work, we propose that you take a moment to think about the reason(s) you joined this ride in the first place. Though your reason(s) may differ from the rider next to you, there’s an underlying message that none of us should forget: we’ve all consciously chosen to take a step back from the hectic demands of our day-to-day lives to put the people and communities in need, ahead of ourselves. Besides a firm pat on the back, from us to you, for taking the time to give back, we know the real reward will be felt by each of our riders as soon as their bikes hit the pavement!

Alright, alright. Let's get started!

What to Expect.

  1. list info about the cities we ride through, the changes in terrain, the physical demands, the need to train, the need to be open minded (about places we might stay and people we might meet) - things that riders would want to know about the overall atmosphere of a ride like this, plus list "duties" that riders are expected to contribute to (laundry, cooking, tent set up, etc.), describe meal settings & how often we will stop to hydrate and snack, talk about freedom to explore the cities we hit up.
  2. Bullet point ideas: The Cities (research fun sports events, restaurants, sight seeing for the big cities we stop in), The Terrain (include all the regions and landscapes we will ride through), The Weather (obviously we wont know, but how to prepare properly and what we will do in the event of inclement weather), Suggested Training (look up articles on training for long distance rides, windy rides, mountainous rides, rainy rides, etc)

What We Provide.  

  1. Eat (describe/list actual food  and snacks we will provide, reminder of duty to cook sometimes, mention freedom to eat in cities we visit - so also suggest amount of $$ to bring)
  2. Hydrate (list all drinks and refueling substances we will have, when we'll stop for water, etc)
  3. Sleep (therma-rests, types of places we will sleep, tents if necessary, duties to set up and take down materials, time we will wake up, time we will go to sleep)
  4. Repair (mention we will have materials to fix equipment, tire pumps, bike shops in most cities, etc.)

What to Bring.

  1. A Positive Mindset (how to mentally prepare for a ride like this, what to do if you face some sort of adversity, how important it is to remain positive and supportive, etc.)
  2. The Bare Necessities - add size of bag limit
  3. YOUR BIKE!! - did we really need to remind you?

Extra, Extra.

  1. include miscellaneous documents that link to other parts of the website and/or supplemental articles from online - safety, getting started fundraising, etc.