July 5 - July 22, 2020


Throughout our travels in Malawi, we learned that 90% of the country lives in the dark. That means places that provide life-sustaining services such as hospitals don't have electricity to operate. The Malawi Expedition 2020 is focused on building solar panels for two district hospitals providing them with clean energy. This expedition is for those who wish to challenge themselves while creating a positive impact. Will you be joining us?

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Malawi FAQs

What does my registration fee cover? . . .

Traveling abroad with a large team can be quite costly, and with the help of your registration fee, it will help us offset some of the operating expenses. For example, your fee will help cover things such as insurance, gear and supplies.

What is the day to day route for this trip? . . .

For the safety of our riders, full route information is only made available to participants.

What type of documentation do I need to enter the country? . . .

You will need a valid passport and proof of immunizations. Visas are provided upon arrival in Malawi.

What are the people like in Malawi? . . .

Malawi has earned the nickname “the warm heart of Africa” for a reason. The culture is warm and extremely welcoming!

Where will we be staying? . . .

Throughout our journey, we will be camping throughout different villages.

What will we eat? . . .

We will have a local cook accompanying us throughout the journey. The meals provided will be simple but delicous!

What language is spoken in Malawi? . . .

Chichewa and English are the official languages of Malawi and English is widely spoken throughout the country.

What are the roads like in Malawi? . . .

Most of the roads we will be cycling on are paved, however there will be roads that are unpaved that we will need to travel on at times.

Do I need vaccines/immunizations? . . .

Absolutely. We have provided a list of vaccinations/immunizations you will need. Once accepted as a rider you can view this information inside the team portal.

Should I be concerned about wildlife? . . .

Although there is wildlife in Malawi, there is very little concern to cross paths with larger animals. Most of the wildlife is located in the national reserves.

Do I have to purchase my plane ticket there? . . .

Yes, each rider will need to purchase their own plane ticket to Malawi. We have arrival and departure information inside of the team portal.

What about safety? How will we stay safe? . . .

Safety is our top priority. We will have three large support vehicles driven by locals. Our guides will help with translation and navigation. We also hire local police to accompany our team for the duration of the trip.

How do I get my bike there? . . .

We provide the bicycle for you which is included in your registration fee. The bicycle is made by World Bicycle Relief and is called the Buffalo bike. At the end of the journey, we will donate the bicycle to locals in need of transporation.

Can I join for a portion of the expediton? . . .

Unfortunately, no. Do to the complex logistics of this expedition, we only allow riders who can join for the entire length of journey.

What happens if I can't for the day? . . .

We will have support vehicles available in the case that a rider can't ride for the day. However, we encourage everyone to ride unless one is sick or injured.

What do the funds raised go toward? . . .

We are working to build solar panels for district hospitals without power. The funds raised by the OnePulse team will go toward building solar solutions for two district hospitals.


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