The Ride 2014 Team

Whether helping  as a volunteer,  riding the whole way or joining us for a segment, we are grateful for each individual who has committed his/her time forThe Ride 2014. Each rider has set a personal fundraising goal to be met by the end of our journey; if you would like to contribute to or sponsor a specific rider, please click the sponsor his/her ride button.

Thank you for your support!


Rebecca Voytilla
2014 Logistics

A California native born and raised in Clovis, CA. After going to school in Orange County to study business at UC Irvine I relocated to Los Angeles in 2013. After discovering One Pulse I immediately decided to jump on board after falling in love with the mission. As a former D1 athlete at UCI I have a dual passion for both athletics and community. I am currently assisting with the operations of OnePulse as well as helping see through the success of the first summer campaign. I am extremely excited to be a part of the launch for the Summer 2014 Campaign as well as help One Pulse grow to the next level by taking the campaigns global.   

Christina Yi
2014 Logistics

Christina currently attends the University of Southern California for Business Administration, in which she will be graduating this December. Throughout her time at USC, she has volunteered at various places such as Skid Row and Jordan Downs. Tina's interest is in giving back to the community and that being the reason she was attracted to OnePulse. She will be using her skills in event planning to help make sure OnePulse's projects run smoothly.

Samuel Miller
2014 OnePulse Videographer 

Born and raised out of LA, Samuel Henry Miller met the OnePulse team in an interview in early 2014. A bicyclist himself, he was inspired by the concept the organization put forth. He joins the team as a videographer and teammate to spread the word on this trip across the states.

Sarah Bang
2014 Fundraising/Sponsorship

Sarah moved to United States 3 years ago from Korea and currently lives in Los Angeles. She goes to University of Southern California and majors in International Relations (Global Business). Throughout high school, her developed interests in community service and helping others led her to participate in various non-profit organizations and volunteering opportunities. As she became a college student, Sarah wanted to not only gain experiences of professional-level works but also contribute to the society. Searching for opportunities, she finally found OnePulse! OnePulse's uniqueness in its way of helping the society and its aim for world-wide spread drew her interest in being part of the team. Sarah is very excited to become part of this big project!


The Riders

Eric McQuesten, 26
Columbus, OH


I am excited to lead the group of cyclists that have dedicated their summer to ride with OnePulse! It's been a long time in the planning and getting on the open road is going to feel good! I want this trip to be life changing for those who joined, those we meet, and those in which we have the opportunity to help. If you are interested in joining us in any capacity, please email:

Aaron Alaman
Piscataway, NJ

Aaron enjoys longs walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. Representing the East Coast, this born and raised New Jersey native will be crossing the country for his 5th consecutive year (2010 - Niagara Falls to New Orleans by bike, 2011 - Seattle to DC by bike, 2012 - RV Road Trip, 2013 - US National Parks Tour by Car). You will most likely find him outdoors on his bike, snowboard, kayak, or crossing the country yet again. His insatiable wanderlust is only trumped by his willingness to help various charities and nonprofits like the Fuller Center for Housing, Habitat for Humanity, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Special Olympics. His next goal is helping out OnePulse's inaugural ride to be as smooth as he his.

Ben Li, 44
Los Angeles, CA

I was planning a trip to visit Alaska this summer but when I happened to find out about the OnePulse ride, my intuitions told me I should join this team. After I visited the website and spoke to the founder of OnePulse, I further believed I belong to this team. Having the opportunity to meet with different people and know more about charities made me really excited. However, shortly after my intitial excitement, I started to hesitate. After all, my last experience in riding a bicycle was more than 20 years ago. My gradual physical decline and steadily weight increase, I just didn’t know how long I could last. After some inner struggle, I finally decided to just give myself an opportunity not to regret, so now i am on the road while writing this bio.

I believe this journey will definitely help to enrich my experience in understanding the importance of self recognition and finding my way to achieve self realization. If you are thinking about joining us I encourage you to take the challenge sooner not later. I would also appreciate the visitors of the OnePulse website to show their support for me and the rest of the OnePulse team. I hope to raise one dollar for every mile I ride to benefit the OnePulse charities. Together, let’s make things happen this summer.

George Hewett, 23
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My name is George Hewett, and I am 23 years young. Riding my bike to class one day I saw a brochure for OnePulse lying on the ground and picked it up… true story. On June 13th I will be graduating from UCLA with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, but instead of walking across the podium I will be biking across the country for a cause starting on June 12th. I am riding because I want to do something great, make a small difference, and challenge myself both physically and mentally along the way, all whilst meeting great people and seeing great things. I see the value behind each of the five charitable organizations working with OnePulse, and I would like to know I made an impact for one, if not all of them. Join myself and the other riders in building awareness for this beautiful cause.

Ramiro Loza, 26
Sacramento, CA


My name is Ramiro Loza and I am from Northern California. While living in Los Angeles I became good friends with the Founder, Eric McQuesten. I was there when he first started OnePulse and I always thought about being a part of it. Well, here I am, signed up for the whole way and ready to go! I know this journey will challenge me both mentally and physically, but I am excited to grow from it.

Nolan Stover, 30
Los Angeles, CA

I discovered cycling at age 21 upon arriving in Los Angeles. Commuting on a borrowed bike, I surprisingly felt none of the stress so common behind the wheel. In less than a year, the extra weight I’d been carrying since childhood had vanished. Better still, I had discovered the feeling of empowerment, peacefulness, and the intimacy with your surroundings developed on rides.That partially explains why I’m joining Team OnePulse. I want to know my country and its people on a deep, personal basis that speeding through it could never provide. I already know that like all of us, those people could probably use a little help. Being involved with, and extending the reach of charities committed to giving that help will make this adventure so much more meaningful and memorable. Cycling has helped me immeasurably in my life. As I am fully immersed in it for ten weeks, I'll be thrilled to see it help others as well. Let’s ride!

Elaine Gollner, 34
Gardena, CA 

                                       Segment Rider

My name is Elaine Gollner.  I am 34 years old and a Southern California native from the city of Gardena.  I attended the University of California Santa Cruz where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences with a minor in Physics.  I love nature, adventure, and exploring the world.  I am a beginning cyclist and this will be my first long distance bike ride.  I am very excited about getting involved, making a positive contribution, and experiencing the beauty of world along the way.  For every dollar I raise, I will ride one mile.  My goal is to raise $1000 and to ride from San Francisco, CA to Salt Lake City, UT.

Antonio Hernandez, 25
Los Angeles, CA


My name is Tony Hernandez, I am 25 years old, and I was born in East LA. I am currently finishing up my Bachelors degree in Astrophysics at the University of California Santa Cruz. I love to explore nature especially on a bicycle. I wanted to join the ride to share a cycling experience with a lovely group of people riding for a good cause. The love that cycling can bring to ones heart is priceless. I have been an avid rider for the past 4 years over many terrains and my life has only improved. This June for every dollar donated to charity I will ride 1 mile . My goal is to raise $1000 and ride to Salt Lake City,UT.  

Brien Darby, 28
Denver, CO

Hi, my name is Brien Darby and I work as a horticulturist and urban agriculture specialist at the Denver Botanic Gardens. I love spending the weekends in the mountains or running trails with my dog Bruno. I usually bike for recreation and for transportation; commuting to an urban farm about 20 miles down the Platte River trail just outside Denver, CO. I'm ready to go the distance!


If interested in joining for a day, please email